"क्रॉप्स का हाथ, किसान के साथ"

Krops Fertilizer PROM


PROM is the Government Approved Organic Granule Fertilizer. PROM is the best substitute of the DAP and Any Other Chemical Fertilizer. PROM – is a Green Chemistry Phosphatic Fertilizer enriched of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Organic Carbon along with micro nutrients such as Copper, Zinc & Cobalt. in its natural & organic form.

Benefit Benefit

  • At the time of sowing, it works well as basic nutrition (basic fertilizer).
  • It is very effective on hard & heavy black soil & improve the soil structure.
  • Nitrogen, Phosphorous & Organic Carbon help to keep the luster & moisture of Soil and keeps the fertility of soil alive.
  • Moveable Organic Carbon helps in water holding capacity of soil & due to this production capacity of crops increase.
  • It Increases the immune system of Crops due to this Insecticides & Fungicides required less.
  • It prevents the soil from being acidic & toxic.
  • It Cost you less then Chemical Fertilizer and gives you chemical free crops/products.
  • Ideal basal dose for all crops - at sowing stage / as top dressing in standing crops.